Moving house

All the Space You Need for A Stress-Free Move

Are you waiting for your new home to complete and need temporary space to leave your items for a little while? Do you need storage space to keep your furniture safe and dry for now?

We can offer you a safe and clean space for as long as you need it.

Your EasyBox temporary storage unit is personal to you, only you can access it and at anytime – and it has 24/7 video surveillance too.

If you need help with the removal process too, we have a handy service available.

Five Tips for Easy and Problem-Free Moving

Moving is always challenging and it is important to have a bit of organisation!

Below are five tips on how best to manage your move.

  • Make a list

It is a useful idea to number each box, write down the box numbers on a piece of paper and record next to the number what is in the corresponding box.  This will make it easier for you to find things later, whether in your new home or self storage unit.

To differentiate your boxes even more, don’t be afraid to use labels, coloured pens, adhesive tape and other materials to pack them.

  • Get lots of packaging materials

You’ll probably need more boxes than you think: keep in mind that if you buy boxes from EasyBox, you can return the unused ones and get a full refund.

To wrap and protect items during transport, remember to use unprinted paper (newspapers can stain) and bubble wrap. To close boxes securely use sturdy parcel tape.

If you have chosen to use our self storage service, there are extra discounts available on packaging materials as part of EasyBox’s additional service offering.

  • Do you need a plan B? The solution is self storage.

If your new house is not ready , but have you had to leave your old one – don’t worry! You can use a self storage unit to keep your furniture and other items in for as long as you need to.

What if you need to access something stored in one of the boxes you have placed in storage? Don’t worry, if you choose an EasyBox centre, you can access your space at any time and retrieve any of the items that you need 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Use one of our wardrobe boxes

This type of box is perfect for clothes and jackets as they can be hung up without creasing. Also great for storing bulky and light objects such as quilts, pillows and blankets!

They are also great to store shoes and other large items such as baskets, paper rolls and rolls of fabric. Always remember not to pack the boxes with too many heavy items so you can lift it.

  • Organise your boxes carefully

To make the most of the space available, it is important to fill boxes in a logical way and to make the most of all the available space.

It can be useful for example to fill sturdy shopping bags with accessories and clothes that can be folded (jumpers and jeans for example) so that they can be stored at the last moment on top of the boxes.

If you are using our wardrobe boxes, once you have securely hung up your items, you can cover them with plastic cases then position the bags or sweaters at the top. By doing it this way you will need fewer boxes, your clothes will be packed together, and it will be easier to find and store them in your new home.

Prior planning will help you to better evaluate your options and find the best and most convenient way that works for you, avoiding unnecessary stress and worry.

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