Reorder with ease

How many times have you thought of freeing a room from items you no longer use?

Have family needs changed and you want to renovate rooms in your house?

Is your home too small to fit everything that you need inside?

No matter the motivation, freeing up a room may become necessary to give extra space to items, furniture, habits and lifestyles.

It can also prove to be a new beginning, a path towards minimalism. It can be the perfect opportunity to get some order into your whole house.

Lack of space must not be a limit!

EasyBox will take care of it

EasyBox offers solutions for every need, meeting all customer requirements.

For this reason, we provides self storage units of various sizes to safely store any items you need to keep safe.

We have the right solution for every type of item: from clothes to documents, up to larger items such as furniture and sports equipment.

In addition to storage, EasyBox offers many other services to make the experience even easier and more practical. For example, we give you the option to take advantage of transport services using our rental vans (with or without driver), and we can provide any packaging materials you require.

Additionally, EasyBox self storage units are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is practically like going to your basement to get what you need but in a clean and dry place.

Tailor-made service

EasyBox has units of all different sizes to meet all storage requirements.

You will not be required to rent a unit which is perhaps too large for your items and therefore results in you paying for extra space that you may not use. Instead, you will have a tailor-made solution.

While the rental of garages and warehouses usually involves a long term lease (in addition to the extra costs for utilities), with EasyBox you can choose the duration of the storage rental with an “all inclusive” contract.

Our service is ideal for those who need extra space during a reorganisation, painting or moving, but also to temporarily vacate a child’s room when they are at university or when they are young and need extra space to play and spend their free time.

In short, whatever you or your family’s needs are, EasyBox has the storage solution to help you.

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