Document storage

A tailor made space for all your important documents

Is your office overflowing? Are you surrounded by shelves full of folders and no longer know where to put them? Need to make room for new colleagues?

EasyBox can solve the problem!

Documents storage is one of the most feared procedures by all those who for work find themselves having to deal with a large amount of documentation to be kept for future reference.

Having a self-storage facility to rent is the one of the easiest ways to organize your archive in a simple and convenient way, allowing you to free your office for what is immediately essential for your business to run efficiently.

Why choose a self storage unit for your documents?

  • Better space management in your office

Some documents are not necessary for the day to day running of your business however must be kept. Self-storage is a cost effective solution to store these documents, allowing you to focus on what is important.

  • Your storage unit is practical and easily accessible

Accessible 24 hr a day 7 days a week all year round.

  • Security 24/7

All our self-storage facilities have 24 hr CCTV surveillance meaning you can rest easy knowing your documents are safe.

  • More convenient than a larger office

Self-storage is flexible: you can rent more or less space depending on your changing storage needs and with flexible contracts you can terminate storage space with 30 day’s notice.

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