Business move

Stress free office relocation

You’re moving to a new location, but your new office isn’t quite ready yet?

Do you want to transfer all of your office items at once, but need to decide what to take into the new office space?

EasyBox has the ideal solution to help with your company move!

You can keep your items and furniture inside one of our facilities in a private, clean and safe storage unit only for the period of time that you need to.

The keyword is flexibility

We have units of all different sizes available to meet your every need. In addition, you can change the size of your unit, or extend your rental period for as long as you need it for any time you like.

And if you want, you can customise your space by adding shelves and racking to improve the organisation of your items and documents.

What else can we do for you?

We can also help you with your move by offering you a network of qualified remover partners who will take care of transporting your goods to one of our locations.

Do you also require packaging materials? In all of our facilities you can find everything you need to pack and protect your items: boxes of various sizes, parcel tape, cutters, bubble wrap, protective covers and much more.

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