Privacy policy

EasyBox Self Storage SRL will collect through its internet website (hereinafter called the “site”) and will process only non sensitive personal data, lawfully and correctly, for the purposes expressly defined in this information notice and strictly limited to the aims for which personal data has been collected.

The personal data processed will be the data communicated directly by site users.

The personal data collected through the site will be processed both manually and by electronic means for the following purposes:

Interaction between users and EasyBox Self Storage SRL through the specific form published on the site.

Mailing of the newsletter, subject to the user providing his prior consent for specific data processing operations.

Mailing of advertising and marketing information regarding EasyBox Self Storage SRL activities, subject to the user providing his prior consent for specific data processing operations and statistical assessment of site usage carried out in an anonymous and collective manner.

With the exclusion of the personal data marked with an asterisk on the form used to communicate with EasyBox Self Storage SRL, the provision of personal data is optional and failure to providing it will not prejudice site browsing activities in any way.

The personal data collected will not be communicated to third parties; however, it may be processed, as well as by EasyBox Self Storage SRL, also by companies to which EasyBox Self Storage SRL has assigned (i) the service of site management and maintenance, for the sole purposes associated with site operations; (ii) the service of emailing marketing and promotional communications. Such parties have been appointed by EasyBox Self Storage SRL as data processors, a complete list of whom may be obtained by sending an email to the address:

The personal data collected will neither be disseminated nor transferred outside the european union, the personal data collected through the contact form published on the site will only be stored for the amount of time required to process the request. The personal data collected and processed for other purposes specified in this information notice will be stored until the user expressly requests its cancellation, or 10 years from the date of its collection.

Each user, as data subject, is entitled to receive confirmation of the possible existence of his/her personal data even if such data has not yet been recorded, communicated in a comprehensible manner, together with indications of (a) the source of the personal data collected; (b) the purpose for which it has been collected and processing methods employed; (c) the logic applied in the event of the data being processed with the help of electronic means; (d) the identity of the data controller and the data processors; (e) of the individuals or categories of individuals to whom his/her data may be communicated or who may become aware of it, in their role as data processors or persons in charge of data processing. The user is also entitled to request and obtain: (i) the updating, rectification or integration of his/her personal data; (ii) the cancellation, conversion into an anonymous form or the permanent suspension of any data processed in violation of the law, comprising any data whose storage is not essential to the purposes for which the data has been collected or subsequently processed; (iii) proof that the operations referred to in points (i) and (ii) above have been duly communicated also with regard to their contents, to those parties to whom said personal data has been communicated or disclosed, barring any case in which such an execution is impossible or involves a disproportionate use of resources with respect to the safeguarded right. Finally, the user is entitled not to authorise, either wholly or in part, for legitimate reasons, the processing of his/her personal data, even though pertinent to the purpose of the collection, as well as data handled for the purposes of mailing advertising or sales material or direct sales or for carrying our market research activities or trade communications.

The data controller is EasyBox Self Storage SRL, headquartered in via p. Portaluppi, 9 – 20138 Milano. Users may contact the data controller, also for the purpose of exercising their rights, by writing to

Information on the use of cookies

In its website, (the “site”), easybox self storage srl uses technical cookies in order to make the users’ navigation experience more efficient and swift. Technical cookies are present in all websites and facilitate the navigation process by saving the preferences expressed by a user during a session for use in subsequent sessions.

The types of cookie used by the site are listed below, together with the purpose for which they are collected. The method to be followed to deactivate the collection of cookies is also described below:

A. Technical cookies:

These cookies enable the site to recognise the users on the basis of the requests sent in. These cookies are not indispensable to the functioning of the site, but improve navigation quantity and the users’ experience in visiting a site.

Type name function

Session cookies not present not present

Session cookies not present not present

B. Analytical cookies:

These cookies are used (e.g., by Google Analytics) to conduct statistical analyses on site navigation modalities by visitors using a computer or a mobile device, number of pages visited, number of clicks per page. EasyBox Self Storage SRL handles the results of these statistical analyses in anonymous form and uses them solely for statistical purposes only if the service provider uses cookies in connection with the browser installed in the user’s computer or other device used to navigate the site. These cookies may be deactivated without any loss of functionality.

Service type name

Google Analytics cookies make it possible to acquire data on navigation through a site in aggregate form _ga / _gat

C. Third party cookies:

These cookies are due to the presence of the social plug-ins that are used to share contents on the social networks and the presence of third party contents in the site. Due to the presence of these plug-ins and contents, cookies are sent to and from all the sites managed by the third parties concerned. Data management by third parties is governed by specific regulations which may be read at the following links:

Facebook data management policy

Through your browser, you can always turn on and off the cookies collection function of our site. The procedures to be followed for the browsers used most widely are described below:

Internet Explorer

  • Open the browser;
  • Select “settings”;
  • Click “options” -> “history” -> “select”;
  • Select the “cookie control box” and click “remove”.


  • Open the browser;
  • Click “menu” -> “history” -> “clear recent history”;
  • From drop-down menu “time span to be cleared”, select “all”;
  • Click the arrow next to “details” to view a list of elements;
  • Select “cookies” and make sure that none of the elements you want to retain are selected.

Google Chrome

  • Open the browser
  • Click “chrome menu” in the instrument bar of the browser
  • Select “settings”
  • Click “show advanced settings”
  • In the “privacy” section, click “contents settings”
  • In the “cookie” section, click “all cookies and site data” to open the “cookies and site data” dialog box
  • To clear all the cookies, click “remove all” in the lower part of the dialog box
  • To remove a specific cookie, position the mouse pointer on the site that generated the cookie and click the “x” in the right corner.


  • Open the browser
  • Click “safari” -> “preferences”
  • Select “privacy”
  • Select “remove all web site data” or click “details”, select one or more websites, then select “remove”.

If you remove the data stored by a website, the website may become unable to supply the services supplied previously. EasyBox Self Storage SRL shall manage the cookies collected, if any, in its position as data controller; the data may be disclosed to third parties in charge of site management, who work as data processing managers/operators. A detailed list of the managers and operators who manage the data collected by means of cookies can be consulted by addressing your request to

The data processed on the basis of the cookies shall not be disseminated, transferred outside the european union or communicated to third parties.

All users, in their position as data subjects, have the right to obtain confirmation as to the existence of their personal data, including data that have not yet been recorded, to receive an intelligible account of their data, and to receive the information: (a) the origin of the personal data collected, (b) data management purposes and modalities, (c) the logic applied when processing the data with the help of electronic instruments, (d) identification data of the data controller and the persons in charge of data processing, (e) the individuals/entities or categories thereof to whom the data may be communicated, or may have access to the data in their position as data processors or persons in charge of data processing. Moreover, you have the right to: (i) request that your data be updated, rectified or supplemented; (ii) have your data deleted, converted to anonymous form, or blocked, in the event of a breach of the regulations on data management, including data that need not be stored in relation to the purposes for which the data were collected or subsequently processed; (iii) confirmation that the people whom the data have been disclosed or distributed to have been informed of points (i) and (ii) above, and the contents thereof, unless this requirement cannot be met or calls for the use of means clearly disproportionate to the right being protected. You also have the right to oppose, for legitimate reasons, to the full or partial processing of his/her personal data, whether collected for the aforementioned purposes or collected for purposes of distribution of advertising materials, direct sales, market surveys, sales communications.

The data controller is EasyBox Self Storage SRL, headquartered in via p. Portaluppi, 9 – 20138 Milano. Users may contact the data controller, also for the purpose of exercising their rights, by writing to

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