Vision & Mission

Our corporate philosophy


Our mission is to offer people and companies the opportunity to fulfil their desires.

To do this, we provide extra space for individuals and companies as and when they require it in order to make their lives and activities easier.


Our ambition is to lead the Italian self storage market, offering customers an excellent service that is always able to meet the demands of an evolving society. Living and working spaces, in fact, are becoming increasingly smaller in size and on many occasions a safe, flexible and economical space for people to store their goods is now almost essential.

For these reasons, our primary objectives are:

  • Use our position as market leader to grow the Italian self storage market and to raise industry standards
  • To increase the coverage of the Italian territory through the acquisition and development of new stores
  • Create long-term growth strategies to become a sustainable company over time


We work hard every day to achieve excellence in what we do, this is driven by our core values:

Customer focus

Our approach is based on having great customer service at every stage of the storage process, from booking to handing your keys back. Listening, assistance and customisation are 3 key elements that allow us to offer an optimal experience.


We want to be a trusted partner. That’s why customers can be confident knowing that their assets are safe in one of our stores. Competent and constantly trained staff ensure that the best service is delivered in a timely and punctual manner.


We believe that flexibility is the main strength of service. Our solutions are tailor-made: in this way we can satisfy every customer need for space, time and budget.


We work to achieve our goals and constantly improve the quality of our service: we want our customers to be satisfied and to be able to find the ideal solution for their needs.


We strongly believe that the constant training of our staff is essential to them always be able to respond proactively to customer requests and accompany them throughout all phases of our service. We also believe that one of our tasks is to educate the market, and consumers, to recognise the benefits and support that self storage can give during different stages of life.


We are convinced that teamwork is fundamental to achieving objectives and that the success of the group is more important than that of the individual. For this reason, we also base our relationship with our customers on collaboration.


Each of us wants to grow professionally within a dynamic and efficient environment in which we can be proud to work. Together and with the work of all involved, we are confident that we can continue to meet the expectations of customers and maintain our position as a leading company in the industry, and provide a benchmark for service in the Italian market.

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