Stock storage

Finding the correct space to match your needs

Renting a warehouse or shop usually comes with certain restrictions, in general – the size of space you are able to rent along with the lease length, with most requiring a long-term contract.

Self storage is a perfect warehouse solution that is flexible and works to meet your needs…

  • of space: we have units of various sizes to allow you to increase or decrease your space at any time
  • of time: you can rent a unit for the period of time that you need with flexible notice periods so you don’t feel tied in
  • of security: all our facilities are equipped with cameras that monitor our facilities 24 hours a day. Access to the facilities is by means of a code that guarantees total security
  • of order: productivity is linked to order, is this something you have thought about?
  • of organisation: working in an organised office or environment not only improves efficiency and concentration, but also indicates professionalism

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