Business storage

Greater productivity, lower costs

Small and large companies often need extra space to store different types of items.  These can be goods and equipment but also documentation that needs to be stored with care.

To avoid the cost of having to lease additional commercial space, the ideal solution is to rent a self storage unit from EasyBox. We can offer you safe, dry and clean environments, protected by the most advanced security systems.

Our facilities are all easily accessible and designed to allow you to transport your goods in and out of your unit effortlessly.

Creating space to improve business productivity

Often items that are not for everyday use can take up a lot of space in a company.  Storing these items in a self storage unit is an ideal choice. Start by tidying up your office or shop, to create not only a more productive environment but also a more professional and organised image of your company.

In our facilities you can store your items in an orderly, safe, clean and practical way. All items such as folders, old boxes, archives, books and anything not used regularly is perfect to put into a storage unit.

Documents are kept safe and easily available to access

Perhaps you need to keep an archive of documents that requires regular access? Don’t worry, our units are accessible 24/7.

The security of your documents comes first. For this reason, our self storage facilities have CCTV systems installed recording 24 hours a day – giving you peace of mind that your documents and items are being kept in safe.

EasyBox facilities are also equipped with convenient parking for loading and unloading, allowing you to access your space quickly.

What about costs? EasyBox offers the most convenient solution on the market.

Are you in need of a furnished office?

EasyBox also provides ready to use temporary offices for companies and professionals who need flexible workspaces but do not want to pay taxes, heating and other fees usually associated with renting an office.

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