Personal storage

Extra Space Just When You Need It

How many times have you wished that you had more space for not only yourself but also your belongings?

There could be many reasons for this – an imminent house move, restyling of home furnishings, or even the pending arrival of a new baby.

There’s an easy and flexible way to handle such changes – using self storage.

EasyBox offers you the perfect solution to create extra space as and when you need it.  Private storage units that are safe, clean and affordable, allow you to solve all of the complications that a change in life can create.

Are you a student, a new parent or a collector? EasyBox has the perfect solution for you!

Protected by an alarm system to guarantee maximum security, self storage units offered by EasyBox can store pretty much everything you want – your furniture, your collections, your equipment or all those items you rarely use but care so much about.

Your personal space is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by personal code.

With EasyBox, you can forget about stress

With us, transport and packaging materials will no longer be a problem. EasyBox, in fact, assists you step by step and can offer additional services such as van rental (with or without driver) and all of the packaging materials you may need.

A tailor-made space

EasyBox customer service offers you a personalised service able to meet your every need as standard.

Do you have specific requirements and a budget to respect? EasyBox takes this into account by consistently offering the best service on the market in terms of quality and convenience.

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