What changes have been made to the procedures following the Coronavirus emergency?

To allow us to respect the distancing rules, we have restricted the number of people who can simultaneously access the reception area. In addition, we ask you to always wear the mask correctly inside our stores and to use the disinfectant at the entrance before accessing it.

Our staff has increased the daily cleaning levels of the storage areas, especially in the most commonly touched points, such as the door handles, numeric keypads, elevator buttons, toilet flushes, card readers, counters in reception, etc.

Customer toilets are available in every facility and are equipped with hand washing soap. Disinfectants are located at the reception.

Our reception maintains the same times and the procedures for requests from new customers remain unchanged. You can request information via the easybox.it website, on the phone and via Live Chat.

See the “Contact Us” section or the pages of individual stores for details.

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